How can we measure the service quality?

The quality consulting service has a number of characteristics that differentiate it from other services. The company in charge of this type of consulting needs professionals with precise skills to guarantee a quality service. That’s why CALITEC has a consulting and inspection service, where clients can have at its disposal professional support that guides and provides them with knowledge of all the legislative aspects of the agri-food sector.

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Quality of service

Quality of service is about understanding all phases of the customer journey in order to achieve a satisfactory customer experience. Companies are willing to focus on what is best for the customer. We must remember that reputation is what will bring new customers. That’s why we must make sure that every done action, is carried out caring about customers interests. In other words, you should not recommend a new technology to a customer just because one of your partners commercializes it. What you should do is protect the interests of your customers and exceed their expectations.

Benefits of measuring service quality

Knowing how to measure service quality is beneficial to any organization for a number of reasons:

  • It enhances brand reputation.
  • It verifies the maintenance and calibration of measurement equipment used in different aspects.
  • Not only that, but it helps to develop a certain amount of data over time that can encourage better decision-making.

Importance of quality indicators

But, how can we measure the service quality? In every quality process, whether it is a product or a service, it’s necessary to establish a series of indicators that help to measure the fulfilment of the company’s objectives. In this way, they ensure that they have knowledge of the projects and are involved in the continuous improvement of their clients. These quality indicators make possible to monitor quality and any mistake that could be done giving the service.

Types of indicators

There are different types of quality indicators that we can find, such as:

Service quality indicators

This sets out the characteristics of the final service that the company has offered to the client based on efficiency, coverage, and effectiveness.

Activity quality indicators

It sets out the level of compliance with the planned specifications in the performance of activities based on productivity, utilization, maintenance/calibration and intensity of use.

Main characteristics

Measure critical facts for the organization: we can measure many areas of interest, but we should focus on those key areas that allow us to fulfil our mission and satisfy the different stakeholders.
– Relative over time: an indicator must be determined and formulated in such a way that it is comparable over time in order to be able to analyse its evolution, in order to allow comparison and     analysis.
– Specific: they must be concrete because concreteness increases the usefulness of the indicator.

CALITEC experts in technical health advice for companies

In conclusion, we have to focus on the quality indicators, that’s how we can measure the service quality.

At CALITEC we offer consulting and inspection services, in which we guide and inform our clients about all the legislative aspects of the agri-food sector and the regulations in force, with professional support.

Likewise, we are also at your disposal to solve any doubts you may have in the field of food hygiene and safety:

– Drafting, support in the implementation, verification, revision and updating of clients’ self-control systems, based on the HACCP/HACCP system and prerequisites.
– Carrying out internal monitoring audits and hygiene-sanitary audits.
– Support in Public Health inspections to clients who request it, and/or subsequent carrying out of the necessary modifications in the company’s documentation derived from the Sanitary Acts.
– Verification of equipment used in the monitoring of Critical Control Points (CCP) or Operational Hygiene Requirements (OHR) in the food sector, with the preparation of reports and certificates.


If you want to know more about service quality, we encourage you to read about ISO 9001 certificate.

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