What is “environmental monitoring” for a company?

Environmental control for a company refers to the conditions inside a facility to which workers are exposed, i.e. the environmental quality that is related to a company’s surroundings. CALITEC has a quality and inspection consultancy service, where clients can count on professional support that guides them and informs them of all the legislative aspects of the agri-food sector. This type of monitoring can have an impact that helps us to identify compliance with different regulations, in order to find the right way to improve the quality of working environments.

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Identification of environmental factors affecting the company

In order to measure and improve the company’s position with respect to environmental factors, we first have to identify the factors that every workspace must comply with in order to conform to safety conditions:

  1. Temperature and humidity: must be maintained between certain values depending on the work to be carried out.
  2. Lighting: must be adequate for the activities being carried out.
  3. Noise: must be avoided and workers must be provided with the corresponding PPE to avoid irreversible damage and the performance of certain activities in enclosed areas can cause harmful atmospheres for workers. Proper ventilation of the site and protection of workers must be ensured.

Analysis of in-house environmental factors

At this point, when we say analysis, we refer to the process of distinguishing which of the factors identified in the process have the greatest negative impact on the environmental quality of the workers. Recognising the most important environmental factors for the company will help to be able to improve the problem.

  • Environmental pollution

Occupational hygiene aims to preserve and improve the health of workers in relation to the work they end up doing and is influenced by three main groups of conditions:

  1. Environmental working conditions: these are the physical circumstances that surround the employee as soon as he/she takes up a position in the organisation.
  2. Time conditions: related to the length of the working day, overtime, rest periods, etc.
  3. Social conditions: these are those related to the working environment or working climate, such as informal organisation, status, etc.
  • Environmental prevention

Faced with the prospect of increasingly restrictive legislation, it is essential to propose environmental preventive measures that allow us to know the impact of a project or action on the environment and adopt the necessary measures to adapt industrial facilities and avoid incurring penalties for environmental quality, and thus be able to maintain a healthy workspace for workers. With the help of CALITEC you will be able to anticipate your company’s problems in this area and achieve a clean and efficient company.

What is the purpose of an environmental analysis?

The purpose is to assess the level of risk posed by various environmental factors, as well as the opportunities for improvement. This is why it is important for companies to control the environmental quality of their facilities, to ensure that it does not affect their products. CALITEC in this case performs environmental analysis and controls in work areas and food preservation chambers to determine their hygienic quality, such as aerobic germ counts, moulds, yeasts, etc. Environmental samples can be taken with aspiration systems that guarantee a 99% recovery of microorganisms, controlling the volume of air sampled. These analyses are compatible with the verification of the cleaning plan.

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