What is pest prevention and control for?

Nowadays, the waste that is produced in the plains and the reduction of toxic gases produced by cars have led to a safer space for nature to occupy, little by little, spaces inhabited by humans. For this reason, different types of animals seek to survive by moving to other less safe areas. CALITEC has a specific plan for the prevention and control of pests for safe and effective management.

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How to act against a pest?

When a pest is detected, it is necessary to act as quickly as possible in order to exterminate it. Although there are easy methods such as the use of pesticides, it should be the last option because it is a product that can cause harm to humans, pets and the environment. The best option is always to contract the services of professionals from a company specialised in pest control.

Control methods (Protection system)

There are two control methods, one foresees the access or development of a pest in buildings (preventive) and the other (corrective) that act directly on the pest or its immediate environment, managing to eliminate a certain number of individuals.

  • Measures (PREVENTIVE) to be applied

One of the most effective preventive methods would be to store food correctly, seal the corners, install physical barriers such as walls on the outside, ventilation ducts and, above all, maintain a regular cleaning.

  • Measures (CORRECTIVE) that you have to apply

CALITEC has its own procedures regarding its protection system to obtain a good control and prevention of any kind of pest. In order to achieve this, they use different methods that are both effective and respectful of the environment:

  1. Control of physical barriers: screens, door and window treatments to prevent the entry of unwanted animals.
  2. Implementation of chemical barriers: parasites for rosebirds (mice and raccoons), flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc.) and reptilian insects (honeycreepers, phormigues, etc.).
  • Work procedure

As part of the prevention of new pests, it is necessary to take into account, after a thorough recognition of the type of pest, distribution and density, to prioritise the following less aggressive and/or toxic actions. Reducing the use of chemical pesticides according to need by selecting the most selective product, and measuring the most appropriate technique according to the connection or access of people in the infected area.

More than 10 years of experience in pest control

As you have seen throughout this post on the prevention and control of pests, it is necessary to respond quickly and have the help of a professional so that they can be exterminated.

Currently, CALITEC is registered in the Official Register of Pesticide Establishments and Services. We have specific plans for each type of treatment based on the principles of the *APPCC system (system for controlling and analysing the dangers and critical points of possible contamination of foodstuffs by microbial, physical or chemical agents), in compliance with the self-control prerequisites.

All our treatments are approved and registered by the Ministry of Health and we have technical and safety records.

These factors allow us to adapt to all the needs of our clients, ensuring the minimum impact on the environment.

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