Vegan food control (molecular diagnosis)

Veganism is a lifestyle that more people adopt every day, the desire to stay healthy and help the environment is the basis that moves them. However, it is not so simple to change your entire diet by eliminating all foods of animal origin from your diet, this if you do it abruptly can be risky for your health.

Therefore, you must first learn about the different vegan foods and begin to include them in your daily life, substituting those of animal origin for those. That way, in a matter of months you will be able to completely eliminate meats, dairy products and sausages from your diet.

vegan food

Basically, it is a diet in which no animal products are consumed, that is, meat, eggs and dairy are not part of it. Likewise, those foods that come from an animal source are eliminated, such as jellies or honey. However, veganism goes beyond food, when you are part of it you also eliminate any clothing that comes from an animal.

Also, certain soaps and cosmetics are eliminated from life, because the quality tests are carried out on different animals, considering abuse. Now, when you decide to change your diet for veganism, you can find many nutritional benefits.

Over time you will see that your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels will drop and remain stable. You will also begin to feel better because you will be able to return to your ideal weight and will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.

Types of vegans (ethical, environmental, dietary)

Yes, there are different types of vegans and, in most cases, it depends on their philosophy of life. Clearly, they all have one thing in common: they only eat plant-based foods, but their lifestyle changes between them.

ethical vegans

In short, they are the ones who reject any type of element that is created from animal suffering. Here food, cosmetics, clothing and essential daily accessories such as medicines are considered.

Generally, it is a type that arises after being involved in ethical dilemmas. For example, in 2013 the European Union prohibited cosmetics from being tested on animals, because there are already other ways to carry out such work. From this, many people entered this world and to this day they are based on animal and environmental care.

environmental vegan

It starts from the basis that the animal industry is unsustainable and very harmful to the environment, offering exact and evidenced data such as that between 18 and 51% of the pollution comes directly from livestock , essentially from cattle.

However, crops and deforestation also have a role in it, but not in such an excessive way. Therefore, environmental vegans pay more attention to food control and that they have the corresponding labeling that the environment for their preparation has not been damaged.

Diet Vegans

As you can imagine, they are people who have chosen veganism for factors related to their health care, because different studies have proven that ultra-processed meats are carcinogenic, and red meats are still being studied.

However, this type of vegan pays more attention to food quality control techniques and how they can directly affect you. Within their community, they are recognized as the most liberal. We should point out that there are more types of vegans , but the ones mentioned above are the most common.

Vegan food labeling: How to know if they are really vegan?

Reading the labels that contain food is not always as simple as it seems at first glance, technical or scientific names are often used that can easily confuse you. Don’t worry anymore about buying products that claim to be vegan, but it’s not true.

When vegan foods are real they will always have the yellow seal with a green plant around it that says “ European vegetarian union ”, if you read that on the packaging you don’t need to see all the ingredients and try to guess what they are. This seal ensures that the food passed the quality control of vegan foods.

What does this process consist of?

When you go to the supermarket you will see that there are labeled vegan foods and those that are not verified. In the case of the unverified, it is because they were “accidentally vegan”, as is the case with Oreo cookies. However, they are products that are processed in the same machines as those of animal origin , so there may be rest of it in the final results.

To achieve the aforementioned labeling, the company needs the corresponding entity to inspect the plants and assess that the procedure is free of animal products. For this, the machinery used is only for that, and the vegan food plant and the one of animal origin are perfectly separated.

When this is evidenced and it is confirmed that in addition to that the factory has all the sanitary permits, the corresponding body allows the seal to be placed on its packaging .

Process phases

In the first place, the raw material must be correctly managed before it reaches the plant, for this there will be constant communication with the suppliers about the vegan origin of each food and the verification that no previous tests have been carried out on animals. In case additives are used, the supplier will have to demonstrate that the production method is completely natural.

Afterwards, they will start the hygiene tests during the process, verifying the maintenance and control of all the production equipment. Likewise, it is known where the packaging comes from and its quality , and all the equipment used by the staff to handle food, certifying that nothing is of animal origin.

Finally, all the tests and controls carried out are documented and it is validated that they have the necessary care so that there is no cross-contamination in the food. Now the product is only tested to certify that it is of quality and is then labeled. For this reason, we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of specialists in case you need an advisory service and inspection of the quality of your product. Here at Laboratorio Calitec we can help you guide all the legislative part and quality issues that your company entails.

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