Food Handler Certificate

The figure of a food handler is that person who, depending on their professional activity, ends up being responsible at some point for the safety of food at a stage prior to delivery to the final consumer. Therefore, all workers who fit the above description must have a Food Handling Certificate in order to be able to carry out their work in accordance with current legislation.

This certificate enables a person to handle food safely, both for the person who will handle it and for those who will consume the food. Agri-food companies are obliged to give their workers continuous training in food handling. In order to obtain the food handler’s certificate, a specific course must be taken and a test passed. Therefore, it can be said that it is compulsory.

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What is the purpose of the Food Handler’s course?

The food handler’s course is required in order to be able to work in the sector related to the food industry, whether in the production, packaging, distribution or sales phase.

This is the only way to demonstrate the necessary knowledge of hygiene and safety. It is therefore essential to provide sufficient training to minimise the risks of contamination in order to avoid all problems if food is not handled correctly.

Where to get a Food Handler’s certificate?

The training of workers is a responsibility that falls on the company itself, and the company has to guarantee that all its workers have adequate training. For all these reasons, CALITEC has a complete training service specialised in food safety and hygiene. Currently, we teach the food hygiene and handling course in our facilities, in the company or in the establishment proposed by the client. Taking into account the changing situations in the sector, courses are also offered at a distance and through different digital platforms.

Types of Food Handler Certificates:

There are two main types of Food Handler Certificates: High Risk and Low Risk:

High Risk

The High Risk Food Handler Certificate enables you to work directly with food and you can do so by participating in its preparation or in any of the following phases until it reaches the final consumer.

Low Risk

The Low Risk Food Handler Certificate is intended for those workers who come into contact with food in an occasional and indirect way.

The best Food Handler course in Barcelona

Since 1999, CALITEC has been offering general courses depending on the activity carried out, or personalised courses adapted to the characteristics of the company. We develop the best complete training in food hygiene according to your work activity, as described in the current legislation on the hygiene of food products. In addition, we can also provide specific or tailor-made training for clients who require it.


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